Senior Care Managment & Coordination - Company Message
Golden Years HCWelcome to Golden Years Holistic Care!

As we, our family members, or loved ones age and senior care decisions become necessary, it often  said "Where can I turn?" "What must I do?"  Aging is a very complicated and confusing world of choice when it comes to caring for ourself or our elder family members.
Senior Living by Design That is why Liz Singer, GCM created
Golden Years HC, a safe haven for the decision process that must occur.

Her company Golden Years HC provides a broad portfolio of reactive and proactive support and coordination of services encompassing the needs of seniors and their families.  Liz Singer designs, develops and orchestrates solutions to the problems of Aging.

Liz Singer's mission is to assist older adults and their loved ones attain their best level of functioning and to coordinate elder care resource for all family members.

As a Certified Geriatric Care Manager,  Liz Singer will guide you through the maze of senior care services.  She will analyze your needs ensure that you are receiving all the benefits and services you and your family need, are eligible and are entitled to; then a Care Plan well be designed and formulated, put into place and executed for your particular situation, and  monitored and modified as needed.
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